Want to investigate a NAWI 2 times faster?

Act faster

By minimising the time spent checking for accuracy, completeness and precision of the test results.

Invoice sooner

Your investigation is done when the inspector leaves the customer. This means you can send your invoice the same day.

Raise quality

By putting the focus back on the actual work the quality of your work vastly improves.

Trusted by
major players.

Focus on your business

The current digital times offer enourmous opportunities to the world of metrology. We offer you a possibillity to get ahead of your competitors by offering your customers more value. Completely digital reports send via e-mail at the moment your inspector leaves the customer.

And that's just the start...

By saving on backoffice, handling, check-ups the ROI is direct.

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The app is available wordlwide for iPad via the App Store. After subscribing you can start right away.

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The app is fully in line with te latest EU law and legislation.

Including the recent mandatory changes on april 20th 2016.

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